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About Spa Party for girls In Alexandria, Va

Always Princesses


       Imagine a day where your little princess feels like the princess she is!   from  the moment the party begins she is treated like royalty. Princess Royal Spa magical environment will sweep your little girl away as she is pampered and celebrated.


       Princess Royal Spa creates memorable moments with luxurious birthday parties and private parties. Providing glitzy manicures, pedicures, edible facials, make-up, and a fashion show runway. No headaches planning a party here! Princess Royal Spa takes care of the party decor for you with Customized Invitations, Candy Buffet, Cupcakes, Spa Favors and more. Offering party packages to accommodate any budget and create your little girls dream.


           Princess Royal Spa is a mobile company serving the metropolitan area. Princess Royal Spa guarantees 100% Satisfaction of services.  Providing the most luxurious and unforgettable royal party that your princess has ever had. Princess Royal Spa affects young girls positively. It builds their self-esteem as well as promotes self-awareness that will remain with them for a lifetime.

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